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Created by Audrey TISSERAND

Création du Branding pour « Power Of Investment »

Dans l’univers compétitif des réseaux sociaux, se démarquer est essentiel. Pour la page Instagram « Power Of Investment », dédiée aux conseils financiers et aux stratégies d’investissement, j’ai eu l’opportunité de créer une identité visuelle unique et mémorable. L’objectif de ce projet était de concevoir un logo qui capte instantanément l’attention tout en transmettant des valeurs de stabilité, de prospérité et d’accessibilité.

A Logo that Speaks: The Superhero Pig

The heart of this visual identity is a pig, reminiscent of the traditional piggy bank, a symbol of savings and financial management. But this is no ordinary pig. The pig stands in a yellow superhero cape, resting one hand on a gold coin with a dollar sign. This logo, both detailed and fun, creates an emotional link with the public by associating finances with something positive and protective.

Des Couleurs Stratégiquement Choisies pour le branding de power of investment

Colors play a crucial role in brand perception. For "Power Of Investment", I selected a thoughtful color palette to convey clear messages. The deep blue (#55817e) evokes confidence, stability and serenity, essential qualities in the financial world. The yellow cape (#f4d532) symbolizes wealth, energy and optimism, while the bright white (#f5f9f9) in the background adds a touch of purity and clarity. Together, these colors create a visual harmony that attracts and reassures.

Typography: Barlow Condensed

Typography is a key element of any successful visual identity. For this project, I chose Barlow Condensed. This clean, modern typeface adds a touch of professionalism and legibility, while being flexible enough to adapt to the humorous mood of the logo. The well-defined letters and balanced spacing make for easy reading, essential for capturing and maintaining the public's attention.

The Balance between Humor and Seriousness

Although the subject is financial, it was important to maintain a touch of humor to make the brand more accessible and engaging. The humorous style of the superhero pig, with his mischievous air and confident posture, makes the subject of finance less intimidating. However, the humor is carefully measured so as not to compromise the credibility and seriousness needed in this area.

In conclusion, the visual identity I created for "Power Of Investment" perfectly combines professionalism with a playful approach. This project demonstrates not only my ability to design attractive and meaningful logos, but also my expertise in graphic design and branding. If you're looking for a visual identity that stands out and speaks directly to your audience, don't hesitate to call on my services. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary.

projet graphisme branding investissement gestion finance
projet graphisme branding power of investment investissement gestion finance
projet graphisme branding power of investment investissement gestion finance
projet graphisme branding power of investment investissement gestion finance

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