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Created by Audrey TISSERAND

Creation of the "5 Elements" Logo Collection

As a passionate graphic designer and logo creator, I'm delighted to present my new logo collection entitled "The 5 Elements". This collection was originally designed for XenesyA training center that wanted to use its corporate symbol, the phoenix, to represent the different training areas. Inspired by this request, I developed a series of logos around the five elements: Water, Air, Earth, Metal and Fire. Each logo is a unique and artistic representation of the phoenix, incorporating distinct colors, typography and styles for each element.

Logos Analysis: The 5 Elements in Detail

  1. Light The Fire Phoenix logo is vibrant and dynamic, using intense red and orange tones to evoke the warmth and power of flames. The phoenix is stylized with flaming wings and an aggressive stance, symbolizing strength and transformation. The typography used for the word "FIRE" is robust and imposing, reinforcing the impression of raw power and energy.
  2. Earth For the earth phoenix logo, I opted for deep shades of green, symbolizing nature, growth and stability. The phoenix is represented with natural elements such as branches and leaves integrated into its wings. The typography is solid and grounded, reflecting the strength and resilience of the earth element. This design highlights the phoenix's connection with nature and life.
  3. Water The water phoenix is depicted in shades of light and dark blue, evoking the fluidity and serenity of water. The soft, undulating shapes of the phoenix and water drops add a touch of fluidity and calm. The typography chosen for "WATER" is elegant and fluid, harmonizing perfectly with the element it represents. The logo embodies the tranquility, purity and flexibility of water.
  4. Metal The metal phoenix logo features gray and silver tones, symbolizing solidity, durability and precision. The phoenix is adorned with mechanical details and gears, emphasizing the industrial and technological aspect of the metal element. The typography is clean and modern, reinforcing the technical and futuristic aspect of the design. This logo reflects strength and innovation.
  5. Air The air phoenix is light and ethereal, with shades of sky blue and white symbolizing freedom and agility. The phoenix's wings are stylized to resemble clouds and air currents, adding a sense of movement and lightness. The typography used for "AIR" is airy and delicate, perfectly complementing the image of a phoenix flying high in the sky. The logo evokes freedom, creativity and high thinking.

Choice of Colors and Typography

The choice of colors and typography plays a crucial role in differentiating each logo and conveying the messages associated with each element. The vibrant colors of fire, the natural greens of earth, the soothing blues of water, the metallic grays of metal and the airy blues of air have been carefully selected to capture the essence of each element. Typefaces range from sturdy and imposing, to elegant and fluid, to modern and airy, ensuring that each logo is perfectly suited to its theme.

A Unique and Inspired Style

An expert in creating distinctive logos tailored to specific themes, each phoenix is an artistic representation that combines relevant graphic elements and varied techniques to tell a strong visual story. This project showcases my ability to create designs that not only capture the essence of the elements, but also stand out for their creativity and quality. If you're looking to develop a strong visual identity and memorable for your company or project, don't hesitate to contact me. My aim is to create designs that perfectly reflect your vision and set you apart in the marketplace.

graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix earth element
inspiration logo phoenix eau
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix element metal
inspiration logo phoenix air
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix fire element
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix earth element
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix water element
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix Xenesy metal blog
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix element air
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix fire element
inspiration graphic design logo phoenix terre
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix water element
inspiration graphic design logo phoenix metal
graphic design LOGO COLLECTION - THE 5 ELEMENTS phoenix element air
inspiration logo phoenix feu

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