timeless organization training

Would you like to learn how to organize your day-to-day activities more effectively to free up time and boost productivity?

Challenge yourself to create your own tailor-made organization system to make every day a success with the help of our Timeless Organization training course.

Let me guess your current concerns...

"I think I'm organized, but nothing goes the way I want..."

"I can't find my balance between work and life".

"I'm late and it's stressing me out".

"The organization methods I've tried don't suit me, I don't know how to find the right one".

"I find it hard to follow too strict a guideline, I end up spreading myself too thin".

"I think about a lot of things, but half of them I don't think about".

That's exactly what I said to myself a few years ago... And since I've always enjoyed sharing my advice, my experience and my knowledge, today I'm going to guide you step by step through the process of getting everything back on track and creating (at last) an organization that suits you!

First of all, you need to know... !

There's no such thing as a miracle productivity method, or an organizational system that "works for everyone". Because what works for others doesn't necessarily work for you.

The secret of excellent organization, is to build your own tailor-made organization system, taking into account your needs and specificities.

  1. To make it last
  2. So that it's productive, without seeming to take up even more of your time.
  3. So that you don't drop the case two weeks later
  4. So that you feel free and flexible


To get started, it's time to get to know your productivity style, the way your habits work, and determine your needs in terms of freedom and flexibility, your goals and your constraints.

The heart of organizational secrecy lies in these elements (and not the other way around!).

That's the change I've made in my daily life: starting from my environment and my identity, to build a tailor-made organization around my needs. With the Timeless Organization training course, I'm giving you the step-by-step method I used!









The objectives of this training course :

Okay, but who's it for?

I imagined and created this training course for people who frequently feel overwhelmed by their daily lives and are unable to stay focused on their objectives.

Those who think they're already "organized enough" but who, despite everything, still want to.., often find themselves overwhelmed or don't know "where to start of all their ideas.

Determine your (real) priorities


And free up time to focus on your real needs

Do you ever feel like you've ruined your day...?

For my part, I've often had this feeling of emptiness before taking back control of my organization and therefore my life! 

In this training course I share with you my method for introspect on your daily life and allow your organization to be at the heart of your personality and environment.

Improve your productivity


Regain control over your life, your focus and stop spreading yourself too thin.

Your productivity and concentration fluctuate according to the hours, days, seasons and even the environment in which you work and evolve.

Learn to assemble the organizational methods that suit you best to optimize them as much as possible. 

Forget your stress


Rediscover a quality life without pressure

The pressure and stress of our daily lives is a real psychological brake on the fulfillment of our lives and projects.

The Timeless Organization training course will help you to manage your priorities and unforeseen events, without neglecting your psychological well-being, which is often jeopardized in this kind of situation.


Here's what's in store for you:

40+ pages divided into two learning sections. 

  1. The theoretical part to understand its shortcomings, possibilities and daily emotions.
  2. The practical part to set up your own organization plan.

Become the architect of your life!

This is the audio version of the training course with additional annotations, to be followed in the same way as a podcast. Particularly suitable for people with an auditory memory, among other things, and can enhance understanding for those with a different memory, such as visual memory. 

Intrinsically linked to your time management is your environment. It's the key to understanding yourself and changing your habits effectively.

In partnership with Audrey TISSERAND, you'll gain access to her training pack, which will help you get started on a winning new organization, without having to think too hard. 

  • A practical 5-step guide to long-term results.
  • And the self-diagnostic, which greatly simplifies the process of understanding and improving your daily life.

We will follow 3 steps:

Analyze your environment and daily life
During the first stage, we'll analyze how you work and what your rhythm is: what you need to be productive, while taking into account the imperatives of your day-to-day life.
Create a schedule that suits you
In the second stage, I'll guide you step-by-step through the creation of your own organizational system, following a few essential tips for anyone wishing to improve their time management and productivity. 
Gaining productivity without spreading yourself too thin 
Once you've created your tailor-made organization, this final step will help you go the distance. You'll learn to stay focused on your objectives and become ever more efficient. 

And a bonus

To take your time management even further!

Bonus audio

Follow the course with the trainer's personal audio annotations (13 audios)

video environment

Understand your environment to improve your time management

Practical guide

5 step-by-step tips for long-term results

Auto dignostic

Make step 1 of the practical guide a reality by asking yourself the right questions

The messages my students regularly send me

Ready to save time in your day?

Organization & Productivity Training

Build a tailor-made organization system to make every day a success.



I'm Jonathan! I've been a Chinese martial arts instructor for over 10 years.

In 3 years I've created several coaching and training courses, sold my products to over 1,500 people and created a free training platform (mini-trainings, podcasts, videos and conferences).

The key ingredient in all this? I've been studying human beings and practicing martial arts since I was very young. This enables me to adapt my life and organize it accordingly.

With my Timeless Organization training course, I share with you my experiences and the methods I apply on a daily basis to perfect my life balance. To help you build your own schedule and achieve your life goals.


The course is presented in book form.

40+ pages divided into two learning sections. 

  1. The theoretical part to understand its shortcomings, possibilities and daily emotions.
  2. The practical part to set up your own organization plan.

To enhance your learning, there are audios with the trainer's personal annotations, to be followed like a podcast.

In fact, this training course is designed to build customized 100% organizational plans. It takes into account your needs, your constraints, your environment, your personality, your desires and anything else that might affect your organizational life. It will be flexible for the simple reason that it will be adapted and personalized to you.

The training does not follow a precise rhythm to achieve the desired results. What's more, assimilation and learning are both fast and efficient. Everything is done to motivate you to reach your objectives and finish the course with a plan for organization.