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Created by Audrey TISSERAND

Création du branding pour La Toscana un Restaurant Italien

I'm delighted to share with you the creative process behind the new visual identity I developed for an Italian restaurant specializing in Italian specialties and homemade wood-fired pizzas. This project was a unique opportunity to merge the authenticity of traditional Italian cuisine with a chic, distinguished aesthetic.

Elegant Color Palette

For this project, I chose a sophisticated color palette consisting of #252525 (a deep, elegant black), #ffffff (a pure, classic white), and #b7b1a6 (a soft, refined shade of gray). These colors create an attractive visual contrast while maintaining a sober, elegant ambience. Deep black adds a touch of luxury, pure white offers a clean, fresh feel, while soft gray balances everything with refined subtlety.

Distinguished Typography

Typography plays a crucial role in creating a memorable visual identity. For this restaurant, I opted for the fonts Amazone BT and Arial Nova. Amazone BT, with its flowing lines and elegant curves, evokes craftsmanship and tradition. Arial Nova, modern and clear, ensures optimum legibility while adding a contemporary touch. This typographic combination reinforces the image of a chic, welcoming establishment.

General atmosphere

L’ambiance générale du branding de La Toscana se veut chic et distinguée, à l’image des plats authentiques et raffinés proposés par le restaurant. Chaque élément graphique a été conçu pour refléter l’élégance de la cuisine italienne, du logo aux menus en passant par la signalétique. Le design sobre et épuré crée une atmosphère chaleureuse et invitante, idéale pour une expérience culinaire exceptionnelle.


This visual identity project for an Italian restaurant highlights my ability to create designs that capture the essence of a brand while meeting the expectations of its customers. My goal as a graphic designer is to provide unique, customized graphic solutions that stand out in the marketplace. To find out more about this project and my other creations, please visit my site web.

This visual identity project perfectly illustrates my expertise as a graphic designer and creator of logos and visual identities. By combining sophisticated colors, distinguished typography and a chic ambiance, I succeeded in creating a brand image that reflects the restaurant's elegance and authenticity. For more information on my graphic design services and achievements, please visit my website and find out how I can help you transform your brand.

graphisme branding la toscana restaurant italien
graphisme branding la toscana restaurant italien
graphisme branding la toscana restaurant italien
graphisme branding la toscana restaurant italien

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