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Uncontrollable emotions!

Uncontrollable emotions!

They have become uncontrollable, and sometimes they don't even belong to us, but where do they come from? How are they produced? Why do some people think they can't control them?

So many questions with increasingly evasive answers! But what are these "things" that we cannot see and that we can feel in the depths of our being?

 Did you know that your emotions are emitted by your body? That they're internal? United by powerful physiological reactions, fueled by... !

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What we need to know about our emotions emotions

We can go into scientific detail, for example, that certain reflexes originate in the spinal cord (and with the help of the brain for more complex movements). That this releases acetylcholine (involved in memory and learning) and causes an electrical change. That the motor cortex is ahead of the sensory! That the limbic system is involved in emotionsetc. But will it help you? 

For you these are only words without any real intrinsic representation, it increases your intellect, your knowledge of words and then?  

It's difficult to locate them in the brain, as some emotions use only a tiny part of the brain (although several parts are involved). The same emotion will not necessarily trigger the same part of the brain every time.
However, emotions are not perceptions, although their signals come from sensory inputs. What we need to know is that emotions tell us something important that's going on WITHIN us! They are not actions, but they can provoke them.

When we feel an emotionEmotions are only the result of internal, physiological action. They can also be mental experiences or body states and, although emotions are often seen as guides, they must not be decision-makers! (Which, unfortunately, is often the case: there's a difference between saying "let your emotions guide you" and "let your emotions guide you".

Everything starts inside you! Hunger, pain, wounds (physical) will trigger all kinds of emotions!<br><br>

They are part of our lives on both a physical and mental level as well as a branch of the 5 human pillars!

In fact, our emotions are just a cellular and physiological disturbance, to put it mildly. When you feel an emotion, you need to know the cause and deal with it in the right way. 

Let's suppress our emotions!

 Delete one or more emotionsthe question often comes up. What's the point of this emotion if all I feel is pain and sorrow? Why is this happening to me? It's impossible anyway, I can't control it! 

One day, a student asked me a question: "How can I separate myself from all my bad emotions?"

First of all, there's no such thing as good or bad emotions. What makes them "good" or "bad" are your life perceptions, your history, your interpretations and your lack of understanding. Just like good and evil, it's a mental dissociation separated by an iron fist that prevents you from having balance in your life and your emotional state.

As mentioned above, the same emotion (fear, for example) doesn't always use the same part of the brain to express itself, so its feelings will be on different levels depending on the situation. Which means it's not all black and white, this emotion is not only negative or positiveIt appears according to your bodily state and its intrinsic reactions at a given moment, based on an energetic sense of the situation.

Joy -Surprise -Tristesse -Fear -Grief -Disgust -Disdain

 "Is it possible to totally separate oneself from an emotion? To ablate it? I'd like to get rid of it for good, never to feel it again!"

I replied with a small smile: "Of course it's possible, it's a long, perilous and very dangerous road, but you can ablate one of them without going through surgery which, as we know, is capable of certain emotional ablations (although this isn't 100% very far from it, as our knowledge of the brain is very limited) and it's dangerous. Yes, it's possible, however doing an emotional ablation is equivalent to separating you from one of your vital organs!"

Surprised, he questioned me with his eyes! 

" Every human emotion is linked to one of your organsFor example, anger is directly linked to the liver (an alcoholic can be violent and angry, or this will inhibit his anger), joy is linked to the heart, fear to the kidneys, sadness to the lungs, etc. So the question is which organ are you ready to separate? So the question is, which organ are you ready to part with? Are you ready to continue your life with all that this implies without this organ? Or do you want to restore it to its former glory and live in harmony with it by understanding and nourishing it in the right way?"

To separate oneself from an emotion is like separating oneself from a part of one's life, I am not talking about memories that have nothing to do with it, I am talking about feelings, memory, power and will!

Is a conclusion possible?

The suppression, the control, the abandonment, all this is only a consciousness of our incompetence and ignorance of ourselves. I will say even worse, we do not want to know more!

But then, what do we do with all this? How I control my emotions ?

I'll share a secret with you:

If you don't take control, you can't lose it. Seeking to control is tantamount to heading straight for defeat!

So just like when you learned to drive, write, calculate or whatever. You started by learning what it was (a car, pedals, letters, numbers...), then you started to understand and ask certain questions to get a better grasp of it, then you drove, you wrote, you calculated, you made mistakes, you got it wrong, you rectified, re-evaluated, re-started until you got, your license, a diploma, numeracy fluency.
At that point, you started to have a natural control of what you were doing, because you had a very good understanding of it and you know what to do according to the situation, you were no longer surprised or subjected.

Well, your emotions, those things you feel but never see, are identical and are constantly changing!

These internal changes can also refer to your 5 senses, all related to your physiology and energy!

How do you plan to go about it? Do you really want this knowledge? Your vision of things, of yourself, of what surrounds you could be radically shaken up! Are you ready to really live, to break down barriers? 

Our fear of the unknown that follows us since our childhood, makes us believe that there is nothing worse than discovering things about who we are! 

In the end, an emotion with the utility that we want to give him according to our physical disposition of the day!

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